Interconnected Power System Response to Generation Governing: Present Practice and Outstanding Concerns

Posted: 27 Aug 2007
Task Force on Large Interconnected Power Systems Response to Generation Governing
Primary Committee:
Power System Dynamic Performance Committee
Sponsored by:
Power System Stability Subcommittee
Pages: 127


1.1 The Scope of Work This report, prepared by the IEEE Task Force on Large Interconnected Power System Response to Generation Governing (the TF), completes Task 1 and 2 of the TF Scope. The TF scope was as follows: Scope: The Task Force (TF) will complete two tasks: 1. Review and document the present practices for generating unit speed/load controls and the resulting governing (or primary frequency control) of power systems, including recommendations for modeling within large interconnections. 2. Consider and document recommendations for appropriate follow-on activities in the evolving electric utility re-structuring environment. The TF coordinated its activities with other industry bodies, including those of IEEE, CIGRE [1], and NERC.

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