2016 PES GM Tutorial - Smart Grid Data and Analytics - Part 1

2016 PES GM Tutorial - Smart Grid Data and Analytics - Part 1
2016 PES GM Tutorial - Smart Grid Data and Analytics - Part 1
Posted: 21 Jul 2016
Anant Venkateswara, Ali Ipakchi
Time: 02:01:05

Instructor: Anant Venkateswaran, GE

This is an introductory level course to look at smart grid data and analytics, the focus is on the distribution and customer domains of the NIST model. The course covers the following key topics:

- What data is available from which devices, from the in home controller to meters to relays and substation automation.
- What applications can be done with the data, with a heavy focus on AMI and line devices.
- What is the value of each of the applications to the various stakeholders that are associated with the grid, using the Illinois Collaborative definitions of stakeholders.

The course will look at the process of collecting and verifying data, including all of the pitfalls that may occur and provide a 20 step process to go from no data to running analytics. The course is suitable for non-technical, as well as technical audiences, including regulatory, legislative, and utility staff members. The course will also compare and contrast the two major privacy contenders and the impact each would have on the ability to perform the analytic applications based on the principles of each contender. Included in the course will be a summary of the ARRA analytics that have been highlighted by the EPRI and DOE reports.

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