T&D 2018: PS4 - Are Electric Utilities Ready for the Era of Big Data?

T&D 2018: PS4 - Are Electric Utilities Ready for the Era of Big Data?
Posted: 17 Apr 2018
N. Yu, M. Massoumy, D. Dorr, P. Zhao, K. Chen
Nanpeng Yu
Session Type:
Pages: 121

The electric utility industry is being swamped by petabytes of data coming from various sources such as smart meters, phasor measurement units, SCADA systems, equipment monitors, geographical information system and customer management. The primary and secondary value embedded in the complex and heterogeneous data sets from power distribution systems is immense. However, strategies for unlocking the potential of big data in power systems are at an early stage of development. This panel will bring together big data analytics experts from the industry and academia to discuss recent developments of big data applications and value proposition of these applications in power systems.

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