Finding the Sources of Sustained Oscillations - From Theory to Industry Practice

Finding the Sources of Sustained Oscillations - From Theory to Industry Practice
Posted: 28 Sep 2018
K. Sun, L. Chen, L. Dosiek, D. Trudnowski, R. Quint
U. Annakkage
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Pages: 139

In recent years, large-magnitude sustained oscillations have been observed in power grids around the world thanks to the availability of PMU data. Some of these oscillations do not appear in any analyses resulting from the dynamic models of power systems. Such oscillations can be due to some dynamics that have not been modeled or an external excitation with a periodic nature. Since the oscillations are not represented in the power system models, they cannot be analytically investigated for the purpose of designing mitigating measures. Therefore, finding the originating sources is crucial either for identifying components that need to be included in the power system model or for mitigating the oscillations and ensuring secure grid operations. This panel discussion consists of two parts. First part is the Oscillation Source Location Task Force report. We will start with real-life examples, and then the theories behind the phenomena; analyzing tools will also be served. In the second part, we will hear from invited speakers from industry to talk about latest industry practices and actions taken in real-time operations.

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