New Aspects of Volt/Var Integrated Control

New Aspects of Volt/Var Integrated Control
Posted: 5 Aug 2012
Sponsored by:
Transmission and Distribution Committee
Jignesh Solanki
Slides: 26

Smart Grid initiatives like installation of automatic meter reading, plug in electric vehicles, solar and wind generation at customer premises has brought fundamental change in distribution systems operation. Some of these initiatives allow electric utilities to implement demand response, volt/var control and other new applications to optimize the distribution grid and provide benefits to consumers. The panel will address the new aspects of integrated volt/var control and will include discussions on following research issues: What are the challenges of load modeling in presence of metering data? What benefits can be achieved by integration of volt/var and demand response? How distributed energy resources play a role in operation of volt/var control? What are the new factors affecting load models? How can we use the data provided by advanced metering infrastructure to model the distribution feeder for volt/var control?

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