Innovations in Communications for Power Systems Part 2

Innovations in Communications for Power Systems Part 2
Posted: 5 Aug 2012
J. Mueller , M. Govndarasu , V.R. Vinnakota
Slides: 190

The panel's focus is on discussing the challenges, opportunities, innovations, and advances in power
systems communications. In particular, address the following aspects:

  • Communications, computing and control technologies, automation solutions and standards
  • System architecture and cyber security and privacy
  • Information sharing, decision algorithms, and visualization
  • Recent deployments of wide-Area Monitoring, Control and Protection
  • Application of phasor measurements for dynamic security assessment using decision trees - V. Vittal
  • Enhanced Power Grid Operations with a Wide-Area Synchrophasor Measurement and Communications
  • Network - J. Giri
  • BC Hydro Approach to Integration of Phasor Measurements in EMS State Estimator - D. Atanackovic,
  • J. Clapauch
  • Use of Synchronized Phasor Measurements for Dynamic Stability Monitoring and Model Validation in
  • ERCOT - J. Chen, Sarma
  • Hierarchical two-level voltage controller for Southern California Edison "Devers substation controller" -
  • M. V. Venkatasubramanian
  • Implementation and Experiences of Wide-area HVDC and Generator Damping Control in China
  • Southern Power Grid - L. Chao
  • Logistical Challenges Facing Utilities Deploying Wide Area Command Networks - T. Meyers
  • Advanced analytics and visualization of PMU data - G. Seifert
  • Self healing Solutions For Faults in Distribution Grids - X. Bingyin

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