Posted: 1 Mar 2015
Abhishek Somani
Slides: 98

ISGT2015-000039 Algorithm for Optimal Real-time Pricing Based on Switched Markov Chain Models Koichi Kobayashi and Kunihiko Hiraishi
ISGT2015-000046 A Functional Approach to Assessing Flexible Ramping Products Impact on Electricity Market  Chenye Wu; Gabriela Hug and Soummya Kar
ISGT2015-000135 Bidding Strategy in Energy and Spinning Reserve Markets for Aluminum Smelters Demand Response  Xiao Zhang and Gabriela Hug
ISGT2015-000150 Toward Design of Risk-Based Real-Time Dispatch at Value  Xiaoqi Yin; Marija Ilic and Bruno Sinopoli
ISGT2015-000326 EV Charging Algorithm Implementation with User Price Preference Bin Wang; Boyang Hu; Charlie Qiu; Peter Chu and Rajit Gadh
ISGT2015-000343 Multi-stage Coupon Incentive-based Demand Response In Two-settlement Electricity Markets ? Haiwang Zhong; Le Xie; Qing Xia; Chongqing Kang and Saifur Rahman
ISGT2015-000093 Monetary impact of dynamic pricing and demand response on households: the winners and losers- Matti Mononen; Antti Rautiainen; Jukka Saarenpaa; Mikko Kolehmainen and Harri Niska
ISGT2015-000131 Participation of customers in Active Demand Side Participation programs under different pricing schemes Han XU and Ivana Kockar

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