Faster than Real-time Dynamics Simulation

Faster than Real-time Dynamics Simulation
Posted: 1 Aug 2014
Primary Committee:
(PSACE) Computer Analytical Methods
A. Flueck, Illinois Institute of Technology
Slides: 98

When will the next unforeseen disturbance occur in your power system? Could it cause a cascading out- age? What will be the initial state of the power system when the next unanticipated disturbance occurs? Consider the real-time operations environment, which has become substantially more complex, dynamic, and uncertain, as new market rules, regulatory policies, and technologies have been adopted. Now, sup- pose we could predict 30 seconds of power system dynamic response, with a certain level of confidence, within 15 seconds of the initial unforeseen disturbance. Is it possible? Shifting operational data analytics from a traditionally offline environment to real-time situational awareness, eventually supporting measure- ment-based, wide-area, fast control, will require significant advancements in algorithms and computation- al approaches. This panel session will present ongoing research in mathematics, modeling and compu- tational techniques for ?faster than real-time? dynamics simulation of power systems.

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